Solar Ventilation will keep your attic cool during the hot Tennessee summer.  The Nashville area summers can make attic temperatures exceed 160 degrees.  Solar Ventilation will keep the attic cool and lower your cooling costs. During the winter, solar ventilation will help keep moisture from being trapped in your attic.

Master Flow Green Machine Solar-Powered Roof Exhaust Vents provide effective attic ventilation, a key component in having a long lasting roof.  Solar-Powered Roof Vents remove excess heat and moisture, protecting your roof from premature aging and deteriorating.

Solar-Powered Roof vents can also safeguard things stored in your attic against mildew damage and limit the growth of harmful molds.

Master Flow Roof Vents are equipped with a brushless motor requiring no maintenance.  Impact resistant, the solar panel has been tested to withstand hail and foreign object impact insuring long lasting operation.

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