green solutions

Being Green not only benefits the environment, it also helps lower your energy costs.

From Skylights to Ventilation, making Green Solution improvements to your home is win-win.



Approximately 11 millions tons of shingle waste is generated in the U.S. each year.  For each ton of recycled shingles, it has been estimated a savings of 1 barrel of oil.

At Sumner Roofing & Exteriors, we are committed to recycling the metals and shingles we remove from your home or business.


We use ENERGY STAR products whenever possible to help reduce the greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants caused by inefficient use of energy.  ENERGY START is a government backed symbol, which makes identifying energy efficient products easy.  Products earn the ENERGY STAR label by meeting the requirements set out by the EPA.  Consumers know when they see the ENERGY STAR symbol that the product they are purchasing offers savings on energy bills without sacrificing performance, features, and comfort.  ENERGY STAR products are part of Sumner Roofing & Exteriors Green Solution plan.

Energy Savings for you and Green Solutions for the environment, make Sumner Roofing & Exteriors your clear Green Solution choice.

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