Protect Your Landscaping

When getting a new roof it will take more than a blue tarp and dumpster to protect your landscaping.  At Sumner Roofing and Exteriors we utilize the “Equipter Roofers Buggy.”  With this equipment our crews are able to contain the roofing debris at roof level and remove it without causing damage to your home’s landscaping.

How it works

The Equipter Roofers Buggy was designed to remove tons of roofing debris without destroying your flowerbeds and landscaping. Our crews at Sumner Roofing & Exteriors can easily operate this piece of equipment and raise it to roof level in order  to contain debris.

We Are Ready For The Job

Sumner Roofing & Exteriors has been utilizing the Equipter Roofers Buggy Nashville area for many years. Recently we decided it was well worth the investment to add an additional “Roofing Buggy” to our company. By having two of these machines, Sumner Roofing & Exteriors is able to provide peace of mind to our customers while on their property, even if we have a project in Hendersonville as well as the South Nashville area.

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