The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) has partnered with your local power company to create a program that helps you become more energy efficient and save money.  The In-Home Energy Evaluation Program provides cash rebates and financial assistance when you reduce your power usage and install energy improvements to your home. You could be eligible for 50% of installation costs, with a maximum rebate of $500 and convenient financing when you complete the recommended eligible improvements. For more specific information about the program check out the Tennessee Valley Authority website.

As a member of the TVA Quality Contractor Network Sumner Roofing & Exteriors can be your contractor of choice for replacement windows and doors, attic insulation, and ventilation.

To Participate in Home Energy Evaluation Program:

  • Schedule an in-home energy evaluation by a TVA-certified evaluator.
    • The homeowner must request and schedule the in-home evaluation
    • A fee may be charged by some power companies. It the recommended improvements are completed and cost more than $150 the fee will be reimbursed in addition to the rebate earned.
    • Please report anyone uninvited claiming to represent either the TVA or your local power company to your local authorities.
  • A report will be created after the evaluation outlining potential energy saving improvements along with the available cash rebates and any financing that might apply
  • A member of the TVA Quality Contractor Network, like Sumner Roofing, must do the improvements unless the local power company allows for self-installation measures.
  • You have 90 days to complete all home improvements. When the work has been completed it needs to be inspected to verify that it has been done right to get the best savings.
  • Once the final inspection has been completed, eligibility for the cash rebate requires that you submit your receipts for the completed work. If the project required financing, this inspection will release payment directly to your contractor.

Cash rebates have a maximum reimbursement amount of $500, regardless of how many energy efficient improvements are made. Not all improvements have the same value and some require the power company’s pre-approval. Financing is available for recommended eligible improvement. These are subject to availability and credit approval.

Eligible items can see up to 50% cash rebate or financing on recommended products. In addition, some items may be eligible for federal tax credits. To receive information about other incentives please visit the Tax Incentives Assistance Project site.

Not all items qualify for the cash rebate or the financing option of this In-Home Energy Evaluation Program. Among things that do not qualify are: carbon monoxide detectors or monitors, clothes washers, clothes dryers, compact fluorescent bulbs, dishwashers, insulated garage doors, programmable thermostats for existing HVAC units, radiant barriers, refrigerators, room air conditioners, solar screens, storm doors, wall insulation (excluding attic kneewall insulation), water heaters, or window film.