There are a lot of decisions that a homeowner needs to make when putting new roofing on their home. The decision that has the most visibility is the top layer of your roof. With so many choices, roofing has come a long way over the years.

Cool Series Shingles

One of the advances in shingle roofing is GAF’s Cool Series Shingles.  Using modern reflective technology, GAF has created shingles that provide an energy savings solution.  The GAF Cool Series Shingle is a highly reflective shingle that can greatly reduce temperature in your attic, which in turn keeps your whole house cooler and can lower your cooling costs.

How Hot is Your Attic?

The sun beating down on regular shingles will cause temperatures in your attic to rise. During the heat of summer the temperature in your attic can reach 160 degrees. Not only will this heat radiate through your ceilings into the rest of your home, it will also start baking the underside of your roof, reducing the life of your roofing system.

Reflective Roofing

The specially designed roofing granules on the Cool Series Shingle have greater reflectivity than that traditional shingles. The result is less heat transfer into your attic and your home, keeping you cooler during the hot summer months and reducing your cooling costs.

Algae Protection

The Timberline Cool Series Shingles also deter algae’s growth on your roof. Roof shingles, with their constant exposure to rain and other humidity, promote perfect conditions for moss and algae growth and the patented StainGuard algae protection keeps algae from building up on your roof.

Cooling Savings

According to the Cool Roof Rating Council residential homes can save an average of 7-15% of their total cooling costs dependent on the location of your home and the geography, structure, and climate of your region.

How Does a Cool Roof Work?

A cool roof minimizes the heat gain due to the sun that a building experiences by first reflecting incoming sun rays and then by quickly re-emitting the remaining absorbed portion.  GAF’s specially coated granules on their shingles are highly reflective, reflecting both infrared and UV light to keep your roof cool.
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